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Liar Liar Liar Liar!

This morning I called the department at work that handles my disability and they told me the doctor still had not contacted them. I called her right away and this time I did not act polite or patient. It's a real stretch for me to bring the barking dog out in my personality because my job and my child both have me in the habbit of handling confrontation patiently.... if I'm pushed far enough I can be a bitch. She flat out told me this morning she just doesn't want to make time to deal with this and has other things to do. I took the opportunity to help her shove her foot in her mouth after she said that. After I was done with her she immediately called my disability department and fixed her mistake.

Funny thing.... When I was nice and patient with her and bit my tongue she was a lazy manipulative cunt and when I became loud and forceful she suddenly had all her ducks in a row. I hate people like that. It's like they hate nice people and want to make everyone mean and bitter.

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