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Drops of Time

What's that dripping?
Blood? Water? Wine?
The sound never gives away the identity of the dripper....
But I tend to think I am hearing time, drops of moments slipping by.
Falling into the ground, into the earth, adding a small inperceivable layer to the ancient body.
An anonymous author has just dripped
And I heard that little miracle
I heard the dive and the splash
And the silence when it passed
That moment was written on the living and the dead and the yet to be born
Do we give thanks?
Do we join that ancient body in the ancient dance?
I look down through the floor, through the next floor
I look all the way to the dusty make-up face on the ancient body
I see the smile of that mother
And feel thankful that I had this moment
Thankful I heard the dripping
Life always feels like it's fast forwarding to more bullshit
But this was a slow, peaceful moment
A drop of life

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