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Even Chaos Has Solid Geometry

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Mother Crass
19 June 1978
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I'm a working mom. I ride the bus and recycle. I don't consider myself a smoker or a drinker but once every month or two I'm known to do one or both of those things for a night out. I garden several times a week. I do a lot of sewing and diy stuff; some paintings and large scale montages. Art is healing and religion for me. My religion is chaos.

This is my son, Hansel.

Hansel is a dinosaur. He's also a transformer and spiderman. He chases butterflies and plays with kitties. He makes my life blessed and happy. I love Hansel more than I ever thought I could love. It is a love returns and seems to spread into the plants and animals and fill the world with light. Hansel, in many ways, has given me life as well.

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Hansel was 1 year old in this picture.

This is my husband, Isaiah. I have a couple friends with the honorary title of best friend but Isaiah is really the person I consider to be that person. He's the one who reads in bed with me; the one who rubs my back and cooks for me; he's the one who embarasses me at the grocery store with bad jokes. I love him.

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